Today's culture increasingly leaves us feeling disconnected from Sacred and unsure of how to honor ourselves and our communities. Ceremony helps!

Personal Growth Rituals are a safe and powerful way to help you reclaim your life, heal from trauma, and let go of old patterns so you can move forward with greater self confidence and strength. Examples of past client's rituals include: "Welcoming Home My Inner Child," "Melting the Inner Wall," and "Letting Go: Closing the Circle."

Community Celebrations are joyful events that bring groups together to support one another and share special moments, creating memories and connections that last a lifetime. Rites of Passage honor individuals as they transition from one stage of life to another so they can embrace the change and take pride in who they've become. These usually involve both a ceremonial time and a celebratory party! Examples of community celebrations and rites of passage include:

  • Weddings and Handfastings
  • Blessing Ways for pregnancy, birth, and adoption
  • Coming of Age Ceremonies, such as New Moon (menarche) Circles
  • Croning (menopause) Parties and Wisewoman/Wisemen Ceremonies
  • Transition and Coming Out Ceremonies for Transfolk and the LGBT community
  • Dedicating a new home, place of worship, business, community garden, etc.
  • Holiday and Seasonal Ceremonies

Private or public, creating your own custom ceremony is an incredibly powerful and sacred act of self-love! 

With a ministerial license, a BA in Counseling and Transpersonal Psychologies, and a background in therapeutic and multicultural teaching, women's studies, and spiritual studies, I offer a variety of meaningful ways to honor you and how far you've come in your life. From poetry and prayer to music and guided meditation, we will work together to craft a sacred, safe time-out-of-time to reflect on your journey thus far, ground yourself in the present moment, let go of whatever needs to be left behind, and walk into your future with confidence, clarity, grace, and joy!