Gorgeous fan art from visual storyteller  Hye Lee !

Gorgeous fan art from visual storyteller Hye Lee!

speaking engagements & events

"You really do have a sacred connection with the Earth, and you are so knowledgeable! Thank you for sharing that with me and with all of us."

"Thank you for naming and renewing women’s power of blood-—the most important of all. You have made the future look better to me. Ashe."

"I just wanted to thank you for the Aztec Chocolate Bark recipe.  I attended your class at City Market some time ago, but I just made the chocolate bark.  It was amazing.  I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your class."

Youth Work and in-school programming

"Jessica excels at engaging with youth who are learning to find themselves and thrive despite histories of substance abuse, trauma, and disabilities, helping them to find their own voices and strengths. She has such an amazing, unique ability to connect with teens of all walks of life."

"Jessica possesses a very rare set of qualities that set her apart from others in the field.  Her ability to openly and honestly communicate with all age groups shines bright along with her amazingly creative out-of-the-box thinking."

"I think about Nature and I feel good. I wish every class was like this one!"

retreats, sacred circles & holding space

“I feel like there’s been a shift, or door opening for me in a ‘truer’ direction for my self, purpose, becoming more of who I am in a more honest way. I love this weekend. Thank you, Jess.”

“What an absolutely incredible experience. The safety felt in this group. The amount of wisdom here this weekend was just amazing. Gentle Breezes of transformation through each unique teaching was my experience here.”

“I’m a little over-whelmed just now stumbling into such an emotionally charged event but I felt so safe and know this is what it takes to be who we really need and WANT to Be.”

“This weekend is the seed from which the future grows. Thank you.”

Herbal Consultations and products

"Jessica is a wonderful herbalist. She is an expert-she has a lot of knowledge, wisdom and she's a great listener so is able to be very insightful about the clients needs. This work is a very personal service. The herbal formulas she prepared for me have been very effective, for my health body, mind and spirit, and besides that, they are wonderfully fragrant and beautiful to look at. I highly recommend her services."

"Your sleep tea is literally the most effective recipe my wife and I ever had. ... It truly was the best sleep tea we have ever had and we are almost lifelong insomniacs!"

 "I feel certain that your hand sanitizer has kept my family safe many times over the years - thank you!"

Life Coaching

"Jessica listens so she can offer the clinical support someone needs but also with her heart she will guide them so they can then become self supporting in their own healing."

"Jessica embraces each individual with the respect and attention they deserve for whatever space they are in, whether it be emotional, physical or spiritual healing."

"Thank you. I never realized how deeply held this trauma was or allowed myself to make the connection between my ancestors' trauma and my own feelings... I feel a sense of freedom now."


"Jessica's perfumes are like magic, a special blend of hers led me through some dark dealings, right back to the happy, healthy person I am again. I would absolutely recommend anything she makes!"

"I love my meditation blend...I can't wait for another session!"

"I'm completely in LOVE with the oil blend you helped me create. I find myself applying constantly and just can’t get enough!"

"A few weeks ago, you had prepared an essential oil blend for me and made some suggestions regarding baths, etc. Although we may never know the source of the rash, the blend worked well. Thank you so much ... I was pleased and impressed with the results."

"Your work is pure magic."

Herbal Apprenticeships & Internships

"Jessica saw my interest as a student. Every day was different and built on the skills she taught me the previous days. From recognizing plants, growing them, and harvesting them, to applying them through tinctures, salves, and food. She guided me in keeping a journal of my materia medica and recipes. Today I still reference the healing practices I recorded in my internship journal. Jessica designed the summer lessons to my learning style to ensure I gained the knowledge in the most practical application."

“Learning and working with Jessica feels like playing with Mama Gaia herself. Her knowledge of plants and wisdom in approaching herbal ecosystems is rivaled only by her empathy and understanding for humans. Her energetic, hands-on approach to teaching engages the whole person in learning, drawing on a multi sensory experience as well as extrasensory spirit encounters. Some of my best memories are from rambling through the woods with Jess.”

"Jessica taught me that it is possible to envision a world where herbs and natural medicine can be a central role in the home and community."

"Jessica and the Earth itself: 2 great teachers."