Welcome! I'm so glad you made it! Struggling with the question "Now what"? Read on!

You, Dear One, are on a Journey. Like all heroic journeys, yours isn't always easy. (Sometimes it really, really sucks. Let's just name that). You've had to leave your comfort zone and face monsters. Your health has suffered, perhaps greatly, and you don't feel as strong or as balanced as you know, deep in your soul, that you can. And if that's not enough, the goals you've been working so hard to achieve - you know, those "this-is-who-I-am, this-is-what-I-do" things? It turns out they're not really the quest you're supposed to be on. Shit.

 Luckily, you're about to meet a guide...

That would be me.

My role as your Wise Woman is to support you on your Heroine's Journey as you discover your inner wiseperson, choose your path, and learn to take care of yourself just as you are - sacred, unique, and worthy of wellness and joy!

Sometimes this looks like drinking tea and talking. Some days I'll take you into the woods or fields to find a plant ally or walk a labyrinth. Often, we'll talk quietly, though we're just as likely to do yoga or draw or swear and cry and laugh together at the craziness of life! My medicine basket is filled with tools from many wisdom traditions and healing lineages, including Sacred Gaian herbalism, oracle readings and divination, Ayurveda, Jungian psychotherapy, Shamanism, Native American medicine teachings, integrative anatomy and physiology, and many others, and I share them all as they are needed. Every person's path is different. 

Together, we will explore, articulate, and create your:

  • Heroine's Map. Each stage of the Journey gifts us with knowledge and skills we'll need to succeed further on in our adventure. You've overcome a lot to get here, and because of that, you carry within you all the answers you need to find the right path forward. The trick? You have to be fully present to access them, and you can only do that by facing your past. Thankfully, we're gonna do that together! 

  • Medicine Pouch. Self care tools just for you! These might include a sacred perfume or custom tea blends and herbal formulas, guided meditations and mantras, self-massage and yoga techniques, poetry, stories, and the courage and strength to say "no" to too much and "yes" to the things that really let your light shine! 

  • Inner Compass. What do you hold Sacred, and where do you want to go? This is the secret to finding your True North, and once you do, you'll never be lost again. If you are not sure, I'll support you in stripping away the illusion and confusion. If specific fears are holding you back, we'll face them down together so you can reclaim your power, set yourself free, and follow your bliss!

  • Archetypes, Doshas, Animal Totems, and Plant Allies. In a nutshell, these are the patterns and energies that guide, govern, and influence you. Understanding them will help you understand who you are in the world, how your body works, what you're drawn to, and why you respond to stimulii (external and internal) in certain ways. More importantly, they'll help you learn what you need in order to thrive, stay balanced, and support yourself, body mind and spirit!

Ready to take the next step?