Local. Organic. Ethically Wildcrafted.


As the seasons change and the apothecary grows, our offerings continue to expand. For a complete listing of available herbs, tinctures, oils, salves, and bitters, please contact Jessica at (802)578-7931 or email info@blackbirdsdaughter.com with custom requests.

In addition to wildcrafting and growing our own herbs, we are honored to welcome plant allies from the following organic, local growers and sustainable, organically-certified businesses including:

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Patchwork Gardens of Greenland, NH - no website, for live plants, fresh-cut herbs, and floral bouquets and arrangements contact Marie Hussey at dmarihuss@aol.com. 

Martha's Garden of York, Maine

Wild Faith Herbal Wellness of South Burlington, VT

Zach Woods Herb Farm of Hyde Park, VT

Avena Botanicals of Rockport, Maine

Oregon's Wild Harvest (for internationally sourced herbs)