...to a magical time-out-of-time to honor our Sacred Feminine energy with joy, insight, and creativity.

Part ceremony, part workshop, and 100% self-care, these heartfelt mini-retreats are designed to fill your well with sweet Goddess energy and encourage the Divine Feminine within your everyday life. Slow down, connect with your inner self and others in a safe and joyful space, and be welcome just as you are, no makeup necessary! **Please note that while ALL people are Sacred, these evenings are specifically for folks who identify as women. If you would like to hold a mixed-gender circle, please let us know in advance and we are happy to do so!**

Want to host your own circle?

Simply pick from the list below and call Jessica at (802) 578-7931 or email info@blackbirdsdaughter.com. Easy peasy!

Moontime Magic (2 hours)

What would your life be like if you’d grown up in a culture that valued women and honored menstruation? What would happen if you could unlearn the stigma and start listening to the messages your body is sending you through cramps, mood swings, energy shifts, and more? In this empowering evening we’ll unlock the “wisdom of the symptom,” discuss natural self-care you can use throughout the month for more energy and easier cycles, and start embracing our periods the Wise Woman way!

Anoint Yourself (2 hours)

In this aromatic evening, we call on Bast, the Egyptian cat goddess of protection and perfume, as we use organic infusions, resins, oils, and more to create your own one-of-a-kind perfume necklace to take home. Feel free to bring a journal to take notes in, as well as an item of personal significance to place on our group altar. Jessica has been making custom aromatherapy blends and sacred perfumes for clients the world over since 2009 - now it’s your turn!

Love Potions of the Divine (2 hours)

Join us for a fabulous evening of goddesses, kitchen witchery, and sensual delights! We’ll call on Ishtar, Isis, and Aphrodite as we make delicious (and sensuous) aphrodisiacs in their honor, including a seductive bath blend, a sippable elixer of love, and even a personal lubricant. And of course, you’ll take home the recipes for each one so you can easily whip them up in your own kitchen when the mood strikes you!

Oracles and Insight (2-3 hours)

Join Jessica for a magical evening! Learn how to use divination and readings (including pendulums, oracle cards, muscle testing, rune stones, and more) to gain insight and wisdom and reduce the chaos in your life! Participants are encouraged to wear a long pendant necklace to practice dowsing with, and are welcome to bring your own decks, pendulums, etc to be blessed, as well as an item that symbolizes “clarity” to place on the group altar. Time permitting, Jessica will offer group and personal wisdom sessions with runes, animal cards, and dowsing.

Tell Me A Story, Spin Me A Yarn (2 hours)

Cozy on up for a fiber-filled evening of stories and crafting! Bring your current project or a new skein and some needles, as Jessica enchants us with goddess tales of weaving and handcraft from around the world. All levels of skill are welcome, as we teach and learn together.