The goal of holistic wellness counseling is to learn how to care for yourself yourself naturally as a whole person: body, mind, and spirit. You are so much more than just the sum of your parts! And as your wise woman, I am more than "just" your herbalist - I am your cheerleader, your mentor, and your connection back to Mama Gaia! I'm here to empower you with the insight, self-care practices, and simple strategies you need to walk your path with wellness and joy. Ready to make a commitment to long-term health and inner peace? Let’s go!

Initial Wellness Consultation: 

Our initial consultation will take between 1 and 2 hours, at which time we will get to know one another and establish your primary wellness goals. You’ll determine what kind of support you need to reach them (see below), and together we’ll come up with a personal wellness plan to start bringing you back into balance! We’ll also book the next sessions, so you can get started on your journey to wellness as soon as we meet. Whatever your path, I’ll be here for you with the inspiration, guidance, cheerleading, laughter, and support you need to succeed! Each subsequent session starts with a check-in to revisit goals, acknowledge any news or life changes, and see what’s working and what needs to shift. $120.00

Drishti Tune-Up (only 5 spots available each month):

Drishti is Sanskrit for “focused gaze.” In this 90 minute session, we’ll choose one area of your wellness practice for you to focus on, discuss the aspects that you find challenging, and come up with 3 action steps you can take to overcome them. Includes 90 minute consultation (in person/phone/Skype), a PDF of your goal and plan, a personal mantra, and a custom tea recipe (you can make yourself or purchase from me). $90.00

Full Moon Support:

A full lunar cycle to bring you into balance! It happens to everyone - we have great intentions to take care of ourselves, we start strong, yet somehow we find ourselves sliding out of balance. This program is ideal for people who know what works for them, but need the support, encouragement, and inspiration to get back on track! Includes initial consultation (1-3 hours), four 15 minute weekly phone check-ins (up to 1 hour total), your choice of two personal support sessions from the list below (up to 4 hours total), a custom tea recipe, and weekly emails with PDFs of your Self Care Plan, including wellness goals, updated action steps, and your weekly personal mantra. (Excludes cost of all materials and supplies used during this program). $330.00

Full Season Support:

A full 3 month journey, this program is for the person who is ready to honor herself with a commitment to self care, is brave enough to explore the “wisdom of the symptom,” and is willing to acknowledge the need for change. While there may not be many quick fixes, there ARE myriad tools you can add to your toolbox, and I’ll be with you every step of the way as you learn them! Includes initial consultation (1-3 hours), twelve 15 minute weekly phone check-ins (up to 3 hours total), your choice of 6 personal support sessions from the list below (up to 12 hours total), a custom tea recipe, and biweekly emails with PDFs of your Self Care Plan, including wellness goals, updated action steps, mantras, and more. $900.00 (Excludes cost of all materials and supplies used during this program).

Personal Support Sessions

  • Ayurvedic Assessment (1 hour)

  • Eating Right for Your Blood Type Discussion (1 hour)

  • Decoding Inherited Trauma (1-2 hours)

  • Herbal Inflammation & Pain Reduction class (1 hour)

  • Wise Woman Counseling Session (1 hour each)

  • Sacred Journey Life Coaching (1 hour)

  • Oracle Reading (medicine cards or rune stones) (1 hour)

  • Guided Meditation or Shamanic Journey (1 hour)

  • Personal Dowsing session (1 hour)

  • Guided Nature Walk (plant identification, animal observations, etc) (1 hour)

  • Meal Planning (1 hour)

  • Facial Treatment (honey cleanse, clay masque, herbal steam, serum and self-massage lesson) (2 hours)

  • Personalized Gentle Movement Class for lymph support and stress reduction (1 hour)

  • Herbal Medicine Making Lesson (2 hours)

  • CBD and Cannabis Lesson (1 hour)

  • Lactofermentation Class (kombucha and saurkrauts)  (2 hours)

  • Custom Aromatherapy Blend and Recipe (for relaxation, energy, etc.) (1 hour)

  • Custom Tea Blend and Recipe (for stress support, digestion, etc.) (1 hour)

Bookings and Cancellations

To book an appointment, please call Jessica at (802) 578-7931 and leave a call-back number with a few good times to reach you. If you must reschedule your appointment, we ask that you please give 24 hours notice by phone. Your payment will be put towards your next appointment. No refunds are given once an appointment is scheduled. Appointments cancelled less than 24 hours are subject to a $30 fee.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please contact your local primary care physician or your local emergency facility.


Payments are to be made at the time of scheduling through Paypal. If you are unable to use Paypal, personal checks or cash may be mailed in advance of our session to: Jessica LaBrie 57 Lois Lane, Barrington, NH 03825; please make a note of payment method when filling out your Intake Survey. Payment plans are available for Full Moon and Full Season plans if necessary. Unless part of a Full Moon or Full Season plan, all support sessions are $65 per hour-long follow up visit or $35 for 15 minute check-in.

As a gift to congratulate you for empowering yourself through wellness, all clients receive their 10th session free. Congratulations!